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Since the creation of APVSA, more than 300 winegrowers have become members of APVSA. Our goal is to put our winemakers in contact with importers, distributors and sales agents in order to sell their wine in North America. Thanks to their trust, we have supported more than 300 winegrowers in developing their market in the United States, Canada and more recently in Mexico. We can help you develop your import and distribution network. 

Our association allows you to :

  • Discover new suppliers. 
  • Meet wineries trained and ready to export to your local market. 
  • Participate in tastings in Europe via the Euro Pique-Nique or in the United States and Canada with the Limo APVSA. 
  • Help complete your portfolio of in-demand wines. 


The APVSA association announces a special event, the Euro Picnic, intended to promote European winemakers to North American buyers. The objective is to help winegrowers develop in the North American market by offering them the opportunity to meet trusted buyers. The event consists of a friendly picnic in the vineyards, where winegrowers have the opportunity to present their wines and build a commercial distribution agreement with buyers. A map of participating winegrowers is available below, it allows buyers to identify the areas to visit according to their markets. The event begins September 15, 2023. Winegrowers are invited to complete a form to participate, for a fee of 250 euros to cover part of the organization and promotion costs. Places at this preferential rate are limited, we recommend winemakers to act quickly to promote their wines in North America.

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We are pleased to invite you to join the “24 Hours of Wine” on Instagram starting in September, where you will be able to brilliantly showcase your estate and your wines to an international audience of industry professionals. Through the tastings you have the opportunity to present your wines to all the buyers from the United States, Mexico and Canada who participate in the event to build a solid partnership with trusted buyers. To guarantee your participation, be sure to book your time slot early, as places are limited and we are determined that you take full advantage of this enriching opportunity. Our next dates:

November 22, 2023

December 13, 2023

January 24, 2024


We are happy to offer you the opportunity to participate in our next very original and daring tour “The APVSA Limo” which will take place by limousine in all the largest cities in North America: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto and many others !

The concept is simple, we pick up buyers in the limousine at the foot of their office and then take a city tour while tasting the winemakers' wines in the best conditions to appreciate them. Winemakers can also be present in this limousine to meet participating buyers.

During the tasting, the limousine will take a route through the most touristy areas of each major city: Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Miami Beach, and many more! By participating in this event, you have the opportunity to stand out as a producer, strengthen your reputation and conquer new markets in North America.

Formulaire d'inscription vignerons
buyer registration form
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Buyer FAQs


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the APVSA, we are delighted to invite you to participate in SIVA, the International Wine and Art Show, which will be held on Wednesday, January 17 in New York. This show offers a unique opportunity for American importers to taste winemakers' wines in their presence, and possibly establish commercial partnerships. What makes this show particularly special is that it combines the world of wine with that of art. New York artists will be present, offering the possibility of an exceptional collaboration between winemakers and the art world. Many arts will be present such as painting, music, directing, comics, etc. It is an opportunity to present wines and to finalize distribution agreements on the growing American market.


The Toronto and Montreal tastings will be held on January 23 and 24, respectively. The period when buyers and sales agents are looking for new wines to complete their 2024 portfolio. During these tastings, you will have the opportunity to: Participate in private meetings, present new vintages that highlight your know-how , offer private and personalized labels for exclusive collaborations, recruit an efficient agent and consolidate a first private order.

If you cannot travel, you will have the opportunity to be represented directly by Pascal and to communicate by videoconference.

Practical workshops will be organized, allowing the creation of NFT labels, you will also be able to enter your wines in competitions and publications.