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Since the creation of APVSA, more than 300 winegrowers have become members of APVSA. Our goal is to put our winemakers in contact with importers, distributors and sales agents in order to sell their wine in North America. Thanks to their trust, we have supported more than 300 winegrowers in developing their market in the United States, Canada and more recently in Mexico. We can help you develop your import and distribution network. 

Our association allows you to :

  • Discover new suppliers. 
  • Meet wineries trained and ready to export to your local market. 
  • Participate in tastings in Europe via the Euro Pique-Nique or in the United States and Canada with the Limo APVSA. 
  • Help complete your portfolio of in-demand wines. 


The APVSA association announces a special event, the Euro Picnic, intended to promote European winemakers to North American buyers. The objective is to help winegrowers develop in the North American market by offering them the opportunity to meet trusted buyers. The event consists of a friendly picnic in the vineyards, where winegrowers have the opportunity to present their wines and build a commercial distribution agreement with buyers. A map of participating winegrowers is available below, it allows buyers to identify the areas to visit according to their markets. The event begins September 15, 2023. Winegrowers are invited to complete a form to participate, for a fee of 390 euros to cover part of the organization and promotion costs. Places at this preferential rate are limited, we recommend winemakers to act quickly to promote their wines in North America.

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With the Wine & Celebrity Tours, APVSA is innovating the concept of product placement, inviting artist agents, musicians, actors, athletes who wish to work in partnership with producers for the representation of wines & spirits. Meetings are organized between importers, distributors, and celebrity agents. During the event, producers have the opportunity to present their wines & spirits at points of sale open to the public (wine store & wine bar).

IMPORTANT: APVSA reserves the right to refuse winemakers who do not have an offer that correlates with the current North American market.


Dates for Montréal: April 18 and 30 - June 27th

Dates for Toronto: April 16th- May 1st - June 25th

These two tastings are exclusively aimed at official commercial agents who collaborate with the SAQ monopoly in Quebec and the LCBO in Ontario. Participating agents facilitate the introduction of wines to the SAQ and LCBO for both retail store and private import markets. With our market expertise, we recommend highlighting distinctive wines that we can advise you on during a meeting with Pascal Fernand. During these tastings, winemakers have the opportunity to work with trusted agents who have already introduced numerous wines, helping you avoid wasting time with unfulfilled promises from sales representatives.

APVSA has extensive experience in the North American market, with over 25 years of experience and 350 winemakers introduced to this market.


APVSA (Association for the Promotion of Wines and Spirits) is a non-profit organization specialized in assisting winemakers to develop their exports to North America. Since 1999, for 25 years, we have been helping producers who wish to expand their market to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Pascal Fernand, the President, travels to wine-producing countries around the world to taste and select wines and spirits with the best potential for success in North American markets. Throughout the year, we organize meetings between North American buyers and European winemakers, which take the form of property receptions with the Euro Picnic, on-site in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the Wine and Celebrity Tour. During these events, producers and buyers meet and develop lasting business relationships. Importers, distributors, and agents trust APVSA because we understand the market and only provide wines and spirits that we have carefully selected to meet their expectations and needs. Since our inception, we have helped over 300 winemakers establish themselves in the markets of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In parallel, we have trained over 200 students from top business schools to promote wine and understand the North American market.


Buyers We assist importers, distributors, and agents in developing their portfolio, distribution network, and presenting selections of "rare gems."


We help our winemakers define their export strategy, promote their wines, and connect with a North American network of buyers.