What we do and why it matters

With more than 20 years of experience in the promotion of wine and spirits, we understand your needs.

For over 20 years, we have been working with all sizes of wineries and cooperatives who placed their trust in our expertise.

Until the pandemic, Pascal Fernand spent more time in the field than in the office. Over time, we brought together a solid network of qualified and reliable buyers. We have come to know their palate and their expectations. This allowed hundreds of winegrowing members to develop their sales in North America.

The wines and spirits that we showcase during the different events have been meticulously selected during blind tastings by Pascal Fernand and a jury composed of importers, distributors and certified sommeliers.

We are currently working with about 300 producers, as such, our portfolio counts more than 3000 wines and spirits ready to be exported to the USA, Canada, Mexico and more recently, the Caribbean. The diversity of terroirs and price lines offered by the members answer to the demand of different markets, including specialized or niche markets (rare grapes, amphora, organic, biodynamic, kosher, natural, private labeled, spirits, sparkling, bulk, etc.)

Scope of Activity

We want our business relationships to be constructive and enjoyable. We do enjoy our daily work.

A good relationship with the winegrowers and the network of buyers is essential. To preserve our stakeholders’ confidence, we make sure that the wines and spirits that we bring are the best quality and the best value for money.

Our daily close contact with our different customers allow us to understand the market trends, bring solutions, opportunities to stay on course. By being constantly in the field and performing wine intelligence, we evolve with the market and find means to innovate.

Our History

It is the love of wine and traveling across America and the will to helping the winegrowers that became obvious. Things took time to fruit, but here we are, yet motivated and enjoying the time spent during the events to connect passionate people of the industry. Every time that orders are placed by the buyers, is the same joy. Assisting the producers wishing to export their products is our work. We have seen other crises before and we are here to find solutions, to sell, to connect.

​A team of

Pascal Fernand, radio columnist, wine and marketing specialist is the founder and president of the association since 1999. Pascal has a broad experience within the wine and spirits industry, developing business for worldwide winemakers.
Odile Charny, wine specialist and independent sommelier. In a previous professional life, she gained broad experience in legal & compliance, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, event planning. She joined as a contractor in 2018 for specific missions during the tasting roadshows.

During the pandemic, we adjusted our activities to align to the health requirements and to avoid disruptions in the promotion of your wines. 

In regular times, the APVSA gives business schools students the space to practicing their skills during a 3-6 month internship. We hope to start again soon, as soon as the Canadian authorities ease the visa issuing. 

Pascal Fernand

CEO and Founder

Odile Charny

Wine & Spirits Specialist, COO

Winemakers, Export Directors, We Provide Consulting

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